Less is more. We feel slow fashion vibes.

Life on the go teaches us how important nature and simplicity are. 

Our mission is to create unisex garments out of natural and high quality fabrics. We are aware of the origin and meaning of fabric patterns. Our kimonos are not mass-produced. They are created piece by piece in a small Polish tailor atelier. Halinka and Jola give attention to every pattern in order to present it in the best way. We all take care not to produce much fabric scraps. All fabric scraps are carefully collected and turned into zero waste accessories by myself, my mum or Majki’s nan. 

If you have any ideas how we could reduce our impact on climate changes, let us know <3. 

Made in Poland with love to earth.

Screw mass-production.

Natural fabrics only.

Fabric scraps turned into zero waste products.