Is there anything as practical, comfy and stylish as a kimono? I guess only being naked can be good enough :). Pintera kimonos have many colour and pattern variations but its shape is timeless and will never go out of style.

What is a Pintera kimono made of?
Our kimonos are made exclusively of cotton fabrics from various parts of Africa. This natural material allows our skin to breathe and protects it from both cold and heat.
The stylish Pintera robes have intense colours, double-sided patterns, and above all, they are much more durable and resistant than the popular viscose kimonos. Check what specific fabrics we use and what parts of Africa they come from: link.

Is this a kimono for men or for women?
We love the ​​unisex idea, and we screw social norms. Our aim is that everybody wears kimonos, regardless of gender, height, body shape and weight.

Do you wonder how to wear a kimono? Here we have a few inspirations for you.
On lazy mornings, wear your kimono around the house like a bathrobe or a blanket over your naked body. Make a coffee, turn on the music and enjoy the freedom at home or in a motorhome.

Wear a kimono every day – for work and school. It suits casual style, with a shirt, top, instead of a jacket or as a kimono dress in a long and short version. It works with sandals, high heels and vans.

Perfect for holidays.
Kimono doesn’t need much space in a suitcase, it is light and you can use it in many ways.
Take a kimono with you to the beach to avoid sunburn or protect yourself from the wind.
Our customers consider the kimono Pintera to be the best festival outfit and essential travel clothes.

We use the leftover fabrics from sewing the kimono to sew a zero waste product link.