Mandala purple kimono

93,00 100,00 

  • loose fit
  • spacious pockets
  • pattern with powerful meaning
  • high quality cotton fabric from Senegal collection
  • limited edition
  • made in Poland with attention to every piece

Product description:

This kimono arose to make you feel comfortable and look unusual at once. Cotton as all natural fabrics allows your skin to breathe and it is friendly to the earth. Basic, unisex shape with wide sleeves fits both men and women. The attached belt can accentuate the waist or be wrapped around the head.

African Wax Print is the most beloved fabric in most African countries and presents symbols of ethnic groups and societies. Original, fancy patterns give you not only aesthetic values, but also the power of their meanings. According to the Zulu tribe, colorful patterns bring creativity. Check it yourselves if it works.

Our clients call kimonos a top music festival outfit and the best, essential travel clothes. Kimono Pintera gives freedom of self-expression to everybody with open souls. No matter what is your age, sex or body type and shape- we are all perfect to wear kimonos Pintera.

Length 125cm. One size fits most of the women and men but if you wish to get a different size, please contact us to check what we can do.

Girls style

It works perfectly as:

-a maxi ultra-feminine dress with high heels for the night out or with sandals for a walk

-a pareo with bikini and barefoot on the beach

-a cardigan with t-shirt, pants and sneakers on the daily use

Boys style

-a men’s blazer with casual clothes for daily use

-a beach cover after surfing session

-a party wear with naked torso



Machine or hand wash at 30 degrees. Dry lay flat, avoid tumble-drying. Remember that the strength of this kimono lies in a natural material. Please wash only when necessary. Do it for the kimono/you and do it for the earth.